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a conversation with my dad this morning

the setup:my parents have little to no idea what an illustrator does, i learned to stop correcting, but it's increasingly frustrating.

dad: what're you doing today?

me: i'm gonna go downstairs and work for a bit

dad: work?!

me: yeah work

dad: cleaning the basement?

me: no, i have to draw....

it went on. i have to get the hell out of this house, or at least get a nice little space for myself and ask them to leave me alone wen i'm there...

in other news, ALL MICHIGAN FOLKS, i will be at the Motor City Comic Con all weekend. come look for me!


i'm a bum and slept through my alarm so i am taking the day off to sit in bed, make felt mustaches and bond with corey (i loooooove bonding with corey, it's only better when we both get drunk...but then i usually cry. hahaha)

i guess the sleep is a good thing because i'm still coughing up phlegm so hard it makes me gag, and now i have really congested sinuses...so maybe i'm still sick. i just better not fuck up so bad i don't graduate. shit

i really miss corey. as much strain as i'm sure it puts on them i really love living with corey and tod. corey and i can constantly make sure we draw or craft or challenge each other. and tod brings the hilarity. and i love things like cocktails after dinner, and all sitting around watching the same tv show. it's just so nice and comfy.

if i do get the government job it'll be cool to be within a few hours of them...until tey move anyways. man, i really don't want to leave canada, but that job would make a lot of things amazing...
and corey and i can do ape together...which is the end goal...going around to comic conventions with her again.

this is going nowhere...time for lunch

So my Laptop died

Well, not the laptop....but the monitor is just gone. could see about repairing it, or i could just spend the extra cash and get myself a new computer which i would like anyways. either way i don't have the money for either.

Christmas is coming up, would anyone be interested in getting some custom art for the cheap to help me out?

I was thinking of doing black and white sketches for $10 and colour for $15-$20 depending on how complicated the image is.

What say you?

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yeah, pretty bad drawing of myself. oh OH MAN BJ! he's a hunky dude if i ever saw one

i'm really bad at the internet

it's true. i'm young and hip and this should be where i do all my networking... i'm just a little old fashioned and prefer to meet people at parties and shake hands and whatnot. and there's still so many people i "know" through the internet that i haven't met yet. makes me sad.

anyways i should maybe try and step up my game a bit. for now all you need to know is that i'm finally graduating in april 2010, i'm trying not to suck at being an illustrator, i'm thinking about drawing a short comic based on my love for jason schwartzman (he got MARRIED! i am sad), i still procrastinate and lose sleep and my room is still perpetually a mess.

i'm on facebook and twitter a lot these days, are you?

oh yes, i still post in my blog and i'm tryin to do that more frequently. and right now the day to day project i do partake in is flickr based. you draw what you're wearing everyday. it's a fun warmup and an easy zine to put together. i'd like to see more people i know do it. specially more guys. it's mostly girls now. i mean c'mon. guys dress. cool.

here's what i wore today:

the silverfox

Anderson Cooper, the white haired silver fox of your dreams. Corey and i drew him as a warmup one random day.

anderson cooper
i need copic refills BADLY

here's hers

i haven't been drawing a lot because i need to bind a new sketchbook, but there's a few new things up at my blog

so i'm home alone

here's a poorly drawn comic about it

home alone

it hasn't been all bad. i get to sleep in a bed (and sleep in), which is pretty rad. and it's no pant time all the time....but i feel so lazy being by myself. it's not like i have friends in richmond outside of corey and tod, and anne's been weird and working all the time.

it would be really rad if i didn't have to work at all, then i think i'd actually start doign some stuff instead of just thinking about it

so there's a new art meme

how cool, i love these.

for this one you draw yourself at 100 years old, now granted...i don't plan on living that long, so just draw yourself really freakin old.

here's mine.
100 year old meme

there's like a contest or something? but whether you care about winning or not all of the ones are getting posted here

so neat. also there have been some updates to my blog...where most of my art goes.
check it out
he has headphones, he must listen to music. HE MUST BE JUST LIKE YOU!

let's listen to what he has to say

Steve Murray, Canada's answer to Stephen Colbert self proclaimed?
when he's interviewing me for being an upstart American cheating the system in Canada we'll know for sure

funniest ever

this commercial cracks me up. abe lincoln was a babe

things need to be paid for

this always seems to work for other people...

Things need to be paid for indeed...and not my massive drinking habit either!

my dues for the NCN (national caricaturist network) need to be paid again for the year. and i need to pay these before i can thinking about paying for the expensive caricature convention in November.
My flickr account just expired as well, so help with that would be awesome, because i like having a pro account a lot, it allows me to organize my photos really nicely.
not to mention conventions i should be going to, and publishing needs if anyone ever wants to see more stuff in print from me.

so to remind everyone i have all this keen fanart for sale!

fanart sale
Vampirella, Superman, Murdoc (of the Gorillaz), Billy Dogma, Dr. Venture, Cobra Commander and Destro (2 for 1!!!) and 2D (of the Gorillaz). not pictured: Captain Hammer.
i'll also take commissions of a fanart nature

there's also my etsy store...which i can't really post much more in until i start to sell stuff

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

and yeah, or you can always just donate something because i'm cool and you want me to keep making art and being cool. if you do i can promise to start posting more art on the ol' lj again...i've beentrying to get more traffice to my blog, but i should post here too.

toronto is fun

had a good weekend in toronto.

friday there was an illustration art show that was pretty great. there were a couple of pieces i would have loved to buy. i was sad that steve and kagan didn't show up, i thought they'd be there. i think i saw andy belanger there, but i doubt he'd remember me so i didn't try and say hi.
it was fun, i love being able to be out and drink with my teachers.
afterwards cat and dave and i went to the gem and drank some more. those kids are retarded, i love them.

saturday i debated going home and getting work done, but dave suggested getting down to the annex and getting food, so i thought we could at least do that. we ended up having a nice long walk from the annex down to queen where he showed me some graffiti he came across the other day.
look familiar?
this was kind of freaky to see because it's almost exactly the same as a drawing i did of "myself" about 4-5 years ago. a lot of you will remember it...
i mean, they stretched the image a bit, but it's just too similar to be a coincidence...weird

then we circled around and walked to the eaton center to see cat at work...and meet with victoria. because i was stupid for not calling her sooner, but i just forgot that she wouldn't be working because it was her birthday weekend.

we all went out for sushi at Hosu....which i would probably be out with never going to again, because it's ok, but not terribly good. but whatever.

later i bought a bottle of wine and some cookie dough (we are classy ladies) and we met chris at jeremy's for rock band. THIS WAS VERY FUN. i wish i had bought two bottles of wine. but either way i got nicely buzzed so i could just rock out the songs awesomely. rock band 2 is great. victoria and i made CUM. very good times.

the next day at brunch we had a nice leisurely meal...which i forgot to pay for, because i am dumb. good time. then i missed the train by 1 minute and had to wait a full hour...then i came home and was entirely useless and ended up just sleeping forever.

awesome sauce.

business cards and mailers

here's some stuff i did for my graphic design class that i like enough to actually work on more and try to make super slick before getting anything printed.

i really like this mailer. i've been tweaking and re-tweaking and i think it's done. my teacher said this is actually something that she would post up at her office, which is a huge compliment. so i want to send this out over the summer if i can afford it.

and here and some business card ideas. the deer was my final for class, and i like it. but it might be a bit much for a business card. maybe i'll just get a small number printed.
business card ideas

also, i don't really post art here anymore, i should. but it all goes on my flickr and my blog. so people should just check that out

help a brutha out

my friends are trying to win that doritos contest...i think the video is pretty great too. check it out

oh that guy...never ceases to make me laugh

in other news. i was greeted this morning (afternoon) when i woke up with an e-mail from Delta. They were sorry about the frustration i had to endure when i traveled recently, and they rewarded me with a $75 voucher that i have to use in one year. WHOO...mama's going on a trip. i wish that it didn't expire next march though, i could have used that towards my Hawaii trip.
it makes me bit sad knowing that they only saw a complaint...and they obviously didn't read my e-mail at all..because they spouted back to me policies that i told them i was aware of (and weren't the problem). ah well, this just means if this ever happens again i can say something about it and get more money. whoo

go back restart try again

march isn't going to best. maybe i'll just lay low until april...

Quick and Dirty Vacations

My reading week just finished up. i spent the entire time being frustrated, sad and complainey in between fantastic moments of supreme comfort and contentment. i think there should be comics...but for now i'll just get it out in lists...pictures on flickr

so i went to San FranciscoCollapse )
pretty much the whole time was just exhausting and sad. besides seeing my wonderful friends everything that could have gone wrong did, most things were disappointing, but after looking at my "receipts" i came in WAY under budget..so that's good.

So I also spent some time in TorontoCollapse )

it was a nice little weird frustrating vacation. i learned that i really think i'm going to live in california, because the entire time i was there it wasn't a big deal at all. weekend flights are totally doable, even if it's annoying and sad. i cannot deal with drunk dave when i am sober, so i just hauled off and yelled at him..because he was being an ass.

lately i just feel very down and put upon. so i hope everything can be ok...right now i don't think anything will ever go right again.

bags packed? need to get gas...soo hungry

so my stress level has hit its peak and now i'm in a weird sense of calm where i'm super stressed, but there's nothing i can do about it.

turned my project in, even sat in on the crit a bit, took down the mighty wall, i think i'm all packed up...

the fact that i'm taking onnly a small duffle and my smaller warhol purse weirds me out. like i need to take my messenger bag "just in case" i haven't eaten a thing, but there's not time to cook. i'll grab an apple and head out the door.

i will be readily available by phone...

i am going to love that first jamba juice like i have never loved anything in my life.

also, this does not mean i still don't want you to buy my stuff. if i can earn money for this trip retroactively that's still pretty good.

hey you! buy this!

look at this great jack shephard drawing that will soon be in dave murray's possession!
Beardo Jack

why not get on the bandwagon and be ultra cool like dave!?

fanart sale

All the fanart shown (plus the captain hammer piece, but i couldn't find the digital file)are available for only $10. at this time i will also gladly take any other fanart commissions. I will do full colour like the ones above, for the same price. Anything more elaborate and you can e-mail me for prices.
everyone loves fanart, why not get yerself some!

So, i "accidentally" bought a plane ticket

the is just retarded

precisely my reaction..i'm sure yours isn't too different. so yeah...plane ticket bought. the long and short of it is i was playing around with the "name your price" option on priceline. putting in jackass prices like $1 and stuff. i went up to $100 and they wouldn't accept the bid, then i tried $125 and the same thing. the website kept telling me that at the lowest price, seats were selling for $240. So i put in $150, content knowing that it wouldn't get accepted and i'd stop trying and probably admit defeat about going to wondercon and visiting jamie. so i trotted off to the kitchen to get a drink and nearly dropped my glass when i came back to see an itinerary instead of a try again page. shit

so now i find myself with a ticket to fabulous SFO. i arrive very late friday (balls) but rachel was kind enough to offer a ride and floor space at her hotel. so yeah. cool right?

the problem is all those delightful things that involve money that i have to worry about. i'm driving to buffalo, and i have to park my car at the airport get to and from san fransisco and san jose, eat delicious foods, get my convention ticket and blah blah blah.

so here's the thing. wanna help out?

fanart sale

All the fanart shown (plus the captain hammer piece, but i couldn't find the digital file)are available for only $10. at this time i will also gladly take any other fanart commissions. I will do full colour like the ones above, for the same price. Anything more elaborate and you can e-mail me for prices.
everyone loves fanart, why not get yerself some!

INTERNET! i need your help

very recently (last night around midnight) it came to my attention that the San Fransisco WonderCon is this coming weekend, right before my march break and not the following weekend (which i wouldn't be able to go to for school homeworkie reasons).

there are several reason i want to attend this event. some of them are shallow (i'm a girl, i'm sorry) but they are as follows

-comic and art networking at an event i'd like to table at someday
-seeing friends and acquaintances within the industry and making face time (i love that term)
-seeing jamie. i haven't seen her in months and probably won't see her again until Christmas if i'm lucky
-uhmmm San Francisco is awesome
-Jamba Juice
-maybe seeing some friends from Kaman's i never thought i'd see again except at NCN conventions
-The General
-the guest line up is awesome, even if i don't get the whole autograph thing..i can still be "OH there's Mark Hammil!"
-a super awesome surprise
-SF and jamie= awesome good times

so yeah, lots of reasons to go beside the fact that it's a comic con and i should investigate before i decide to table at it.

THE DILEMMA THICKENS!. most of the tickets i've been finding out of Buffalo have been between $240 and $300...not terrible, but not amazing. but i thought i'd keep looking to maybe snag a last minute cheap fair. through priceline i bid on a flight and was able to get one for $150...
the problem with this is i have no control over the flights at all. I pay for it and then they give me the information. and i have a project due on friday, which i could get done early, but it means missing the crit, and i already missed one.
plus it's not like i have a lot of money and will have to account for planet ticket+gas+parking+food+convention admission+additional travel. i get the lodging for free with jamie, but we'll have to use public transit to get around, which can get pricey

SO ADVISE ME INTERNET! should i go? throw caution to the wind and have a grand little half working vacation?
forget the fact that i probably can't afford this,but if i can get the plane ticket for $150 that's pretty cool.

also, i am accepting donations if you'd like to help fund my trip.

I can take commissions for artwork, caricatures, buttons, felt pins or jewelry...depending on your desires or donations.

if you want to buy something from my etsy store i can offer free shipping (especially if you're in toronto)

Buy Handmade

yeah, i really want to go, it'd be cool if you could help. If you donate and i cannot get a cheap flight I promise to use your donation for a similar cause (like getting me to Mocca or Comic Con International) and not for boozing. scout's honor


oh man

i kinda want to stay home and be lazy this weekend....and not wear pants...

i suck